This year our work at Firbush crannog revealed a group of very well preserved and tidy horizontal timbers. You can check out a 3D model HERE. Lab analysis has demonstrated that they are all alder timbers, and mostly relatively short-lived – most around 30–50 years old.

Firbush timbers exposed at base of crannog mound.
Freshly sampled timber from Firbush.

These have now been analysed by Anne Crone of AOC Archaeology, and it appears that they were very tidy for a reason. The timbers appear to have been all cut down in the same year – very strong evidence to suggest that this represents a single construction event.

When precisely this event dates to will now be investigated using our wiggle-match dating. We hope to find out if this site which has an initial rangefinder date that calibrates c. 400–200 cal BC in fact dates to the earlier part of that range.