We are back at Loch Tay, this time to excavate at Milton Morenish Crannog. Again our objective is to sample timbers that we will date using dendrochronology, radiocarbon and Bayesian statistical analysis. Milton Morenish Crannog is located near the north shore of Loch Tay, at the Morenish Estate about 3 miles east of Killin. The crannog has been surveyed and previous 14C samples from the site have indicated an Early Iron Age phase of construction and use. In previous surveys of the site, it was noted that there were relatively few exposed timbers, so removing those first few stones will be very intriguing, genuinely a first look at the archaeology of the site.

Over the course of today, we’ll be getting ourselves into position. Logistics of the operation will be sorted out, the boats will be put into the water and our equipment ferried to site. It is not a long journey from our harbour to Milton Morenish, but interestingly, shore around this crannog is very steep, meaning access from shore (like at Dall Bay South) is not possible.

Looking towards Milton Morenish Crannog

The weather has taken a distinctly autumnal turn for our last two week stint of the year – a few more leaves are on the ground, there is some colour in the boughs, and the wind has that little extra bite. Please check back regularly over the course of the next two weeks as we investigate underwater Milton Morenish Crannog, we will be posting pictures and videos from the underwater excavation as we go along.